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The Dream

The dream started back in adolescence while watching a late night infomercial where a man was selling his secret to making millions. His secret was placing classified ads in 3 different papers in 3 different cities and you would be well on your way to MAKING MILLIONS…. The idea was fascinating but with youth as a hindrance and no money to buy the program Rexx Star was left to figure out his own way of creating 7 figures.

As he grew up his passion for creating wealth only grew and the classified ad system never left his mind. The fascination with the system lead to the birth of Sweet Drmz Magazine featuring the Memoirs of Rexx Star comic series. The Memoirs of Rexx Star is a collection of Northside tales inspired by actual events of Rexx Star and his close friends on their way to achieving success at any cost. Today you can find classified ads all around the world bringing attention to Become a member today, look inside and follow along as his Sweet Drmz unfold.