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  • **Members Lounge is Under Construction**

    Hold tight ladies and gentlemen…. We are hard at work to bring you a members lounge with some fantastic design and functionality. For the time being we have it set up as a blog post style to deliver you information and content but we are full speed ahead on designing our super cool layout. We know you will like the design as much as we do. We will update you as we get closer and maybe even upload some of our plan drawings….. (maybe, lol) Thanks, Sweet Drmz
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Welcome to the Sweet Drmz Members Lounge!! Be sure to come back often as we will be adding new content regularly. Let’s Sum Up some of the Members benefits:

  1. Your vote is worth 5!! Help your favorite girls get to the top buy voting on their profile. Remember there is no multiple voting for the same girl so be choosy as new girl profiles will be added daily.
  2. Your membership includes access to the online magazine that you can view from anywhere.
  3. You get Exclusive access to extra model photos that non paid members won’t see.
  4. We will be giving paid members discounts on future merchandise that we will be offering in our store.
  5. And more to come… Our goal is to give you more value for your $10 than you will ever get at McDonalds even with their value menu so enjoy and comeback often to see what’s new!